Sleep Deprivation

Just like water, we’re all aware that we need sleep to live.

This is why many people turn to sleeping pills, thinking that these may be the solution to poor sleep.  

In addition, not having enough sleep (sleep deprivation) – or a good quality sleep – can severely affect how we make new memories and even impact our response time [5]. 

There isn’t a magic number of sleep hours that we all adhere to. No standard.


most babies sleep as much as 16-18 hours per day

On the contrast you can expect:


school kids and teenagers require around 9.5 hours per night, and most adults (like you, reading this) need about 7-9 hours per night. 


Put simply, your brain needs sleep.

Or rather, your brain needs YOU to sleep. 


One reason is because sleep plays a type of ‘cleaning-up’ role that rids the brain of accumulated toxins, that usually bundle up during our waking state [5].

Other reasons include re-energising the body’s cells, along with supporting good quality learning and memory [6].  

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